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YI-Mobility Founding

In 2014, the founders of YI-Mobility began discussing how they could bring their years of experience building cellular and Wi-Fi subscription technologies, services focused hardware, and software-based solutions and services to a broader set of business clients. They believed that both businesses and consumers could greatly benefit from next generation connected mobile experiences that allow customers to seamlessly interact with a variety of tailored systems through their devices (IoT).

We are at the cusp of a new era of IoT, one dominated by an accelerated pace of change powered by the explosion of smart devices. YI-Mobility innovators recognized a fundamental shift in user expectations of software experience.

The founders saw opportunities from a different perspective:

Market research, customer discovery meetings and hypothesis validation with business customers showed that each of these ideas had merit, but that the true breakthrough would occur when focused on developing a solution to meet real consumer needs. From this simple revelation YI-Mobility was formed to focus on the top 3 Mobile Influences Finding the best deals, collaborating with people, and learning about new products.

YI-Mobility Today

YI­Mobility’s flagship SURF offering is a YourRewardsZone.com (Beacon sensors based Proximity Mobile Loyalty Marketing Platform) and in future we plan to add Hotspot 2.0 Subscription Management Platform for My Connected Devices and Retail Entity Services combining the key functionality of YourRewardsZone and Hotspot 2.0, Products/Coupons data analytics and my personal interests shopping profile intelligent Apps. This robust, tailor­made platform can be used in any process that involves Machine<­­>People interactions. YI­Mobility SURF is nothing less than revolutionary in its design, providing the disruptive change required to catalyze operational innovation and create a more efficient and sustainable Internet of Things world.

Our Mission

To bring businesses and their customers closer by developing and deploying proximity aware mobile loyalty service subscription management apps compatible with the majority of consumer smart devices, tablets and Ultrabooks, to deliver next­gen mobile shopping experiences and Mobile Subscription Solution architecture, design, and development.

Our Vision

With the proliferation of devices connecting directly to the Web through smart sensors, The Internet of Everything is exploding now. At YI­Mobility we see enormous potential in using these smart devices more intelligently to connect people with information in personal and meaningful ways.

Our vision is to help consumers access valuable information and services through their mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.), while offering retailers, restaurants and healthcare providers powerful tools to create the next generation of mobile applications. In other words, “Carry Small Enjoy Big”.

To enable this vision, YI­Mobility has developed a unique and cost­effective YourRewardsZone Mobile Loyalty Platform and Hotspot 2.0 subscription management architecture that frees businesses from the limitations of big operator control on licensed spectrum connectivity. With consumer mobility in mind, YI­Mobility has custom­built a YourRewardsZone loyalty subscription management platform making it easy for businesses to deploy a secure & scalable solution that automatically virtualizes wireless resources. Through this approach, YI­Mobility ensures smooth, predictable performance and a robust architecture that connects consumers and businesses through an elegant, personalized interface of apps.